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photo by Ian Slevin

Juliette Esper's Years in Music .

Juliette is currently not directly involved in any music projects, so this is just for occasional remissing...

Her current venture


REVIEW by Leigh Silberg,

"Juliette Esper has the heart of a gypsy as she pans over the terrain of styles that lead to her present music expressions. Originally from Estonia, Juliette has scanned the European horizon to find a safe haven on the Emerald Isle.
Where she goes from here only she truly knows. Our guess is that the more she coalesces her divergent influences with the many talented musicians & composers that she gravitates to, Juliette Esper will always challenge her own limits, thereby transforming her stylistic approach into a new found hybrid of musical revival, that tips itís hat to the past whilst leaning towards the ever present future of melodic intimacy & eclectic creativity."

"I checked out a couple of mp3's from this artists' site, and was simply amazed at how incredibly talented she was. With her very passionate and well-rehearsed vocals, Juliette Esper makes even your worst day seem like a beautiful walk in the park during spring, when the new life begins to take its shape and the weather is perfect outside. Sure this sounds like a little too much to believe, but after hearing the angelic voice of Juliette that's exactly how I felt."

photo by Ian Slevin

Listen to Juliette's mp3's

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