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Juliette's previous projects:

Jazz (2002-2003)

Easy-listening acid jazz seriously gravitating to trance (1998)

Country (1997)

Juliette's live jazz record "revival"(2002) - celebration of a start of a new- Dublin- period in her music and life

Juliette Esper’s “Revival” is a classic work of sultry & seductive artistry from this Irish Chanteuse. A new beginning & rebirth for this multi talented singer, as she traverses through genres of jazz, blues, free form, traditional, alternative, trance & roots music all with the stamp & creative fluidity that is her mark 

“Lover Man” with its neo-standard atmospheric shadow play, contrasts with “Round Midnight” ; Both with their dreamy & smoke filled cool & darkly warm air of reflection. With other standards like “Lets Fall In Love” , “Caravan”, “No More Blues” & “Cry Me A River” we are treated to an in home live look into Juliette Esper’s performance

United Global Artists, April 2003


The segue into Juliette’s “Dzuma” works, showcase her work in Estonia & cross over into a different color & nuance. Cuts such as “Café Torina” & “A Letter From Tokyo” run a gamut of post modern dance that is stimulating in it’s originality & thought provoking lyrics 

“Deo” & “Solitude 3000” showcase currents of pop & dance rhythms with synthesis & mainstream textures that are modernist & neo-disco without the trappings of retro. Swaths of European & a South American breeze shimmy into Baltic flavors of originality.


United Global Artists, April 2003


The Creakin' Boots

Again changing dimensions in “ The Creaking Boots” work, conjures up tunes such as “I’m Done I’m Thru” with it’s down to earth roots tone ; Coupled with “Voodoo Baby” which has a pseudo-campy retro feel replete with some Rockabilly hick-up overtones





United Global Artists, April 2003


In the beginning...

... Vladimir Dzumkov (a talented producer from Tallinn, Estonia) once wrote overnight a little beautiful composition as a present for one of his friend's birthday. After listening to it a well-known Estonian DJ Cold DADDY Lahari made an authoritative statement: " this is real easy listening!" "Well let it be easy listening then", agreed Dzumkov. In this case his only concern was that his friend liked the composition. Everybody else: Juliette Esper (vocal), artist and designer Ziko (base), Sasha Orlov (keyboards) and the musical guru Cold DADDY Lahari himself were quite afraid these ideas would be neglected and forgotten and that was the day "DZUMA" was born...

And then...


During the next few months they created an hour-long show including mostly instrumental compositions but also a few romantic songs, written by Juliette in English and French.
Dzuma attracted attention of audience and press immediately after their debut in 1999. They performed a few more times before they were invited to a festival in Arhus, Denmark.

"DZUMA" for me is a very special project", says Juliette,"it combines creativity, music exploring and experience, love, friendship, trust and most of all lots of fun".



 Dzuma- official looks



In September 1999 they performed for the last time as they initially started: Juliette Esper was leaving Estonia for good.

Luckily that didn't stop the rest of the band from working more on the project and Juliette kept singing more samples and songs each time she visited Estonia.

As a result their debut album "DREAMBOX" was released in Moscow in March 2002.

Vladimir Dzumkov - all arangements, guitars, tapes, drum-mashine
Juliette Esper - lyrics, vocal, keyboards
Igor Ziko - bass guitar, guitars
Cold DADDY Lahary - tapes & turntables
Alexandr Orlov - keyboards, synthesisers

lable:Legkije (Moscow) March 2002



Cafe Torino (Dzumkov-Ziko)


mp3 RA
A Letter From Tokyo (Dzumkov-Esper)


mp3 RA
Deo (Dzumkov-Esper) 1.76MB mp3 RA
Solitude 3000 (Dzumkov-Esper-Ziko) 2.17MB mp3 RA

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